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Waterwise water distillers

Waterwise Models 8800 and 8500WaterWise Distiller Model 8800 
1 Year Warranty.
15" H x 14.5"W x 10.5"D , Weight - 13 lbs. 
, Automatic shut-off (works while you sleep or are away from home). Stainless steel condensing coil. Volatile gasses boil off through vent in condensing coil. European design compliments any countertop area! Power - 120V AC / 60 Hz - 800 watt. - Electrical Costs: Three times KWH - Cost per gallon: approx. 35¢ per gallon.  One U.S. gallon capacity (3.785 liters)  Will produce up to 6 U.S. gallons per day. All materials conform to U.S. FDA requirements.
Waterwise 7000 Series water distillerWaterwise 7000 Series Distillers 
For families of 3 or more, or for the convenience of purified water on tap, the Model 7000 is for you. With one simple water connection, this fully automatic, high output distiller produces up to 9 gallons in 24 hours. With this plentiful supply, you never have to worry about running out of purified water. The sleek, innovative design may be installed right in your kitchen. It fits easily into small areas, either on the floor or countertop. The distiller 7000 may also be located in a utility room, basement or other remote area. Available in 3, 8,or 12 gallon sizes.
This is the way to remove the chlorine from your showers.
Without this, in a ten minute shower you either inhale or absorb more chlorine than by drinking 8 glasses of the same water. Size 9"x 3 1/2" Extra filters are available.
Waterwise 9000 water distillerWaterwise 9000 - Steam distillation plus carbon filtration provides you with clean, pure drinking water and sparkling ice cubes...while enhancing the natural flavor of juices, soups, coffee, tea and other beverages. Just fill the distiller with ordinary tap water. Plug it in and push start. That's all it takes! Your distiller will automatically turn off when the cycle is done. You can make a 1 gallon batch in just 4 hours!