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What's Wrong With The Air?

We have polluted the air outside and damaged the ozone.

What about the air inside?
Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, at home or the office. Dust and dirt enter our homes and are trapped in the pad of our carpets.

Germs have no means of locomotion unless they attach themselves to particles of dust. Dust mite excrement is highly prone to cause allergic reaction. These microscopic dinosaurs live close to their food source - dead skin. Our beds can become their cafeteria and breeding ground.

If we had to pay for our air we would insist that it was clean and pure. Our duct work is full of mold, mildew, dust and bacteria. Modern homes are becoming more and more energy efficient which means they allow for almost no fresh air to circulate through the house. Nature destroys germs and dust outdoors but our energy efficient homes keep nature out and germs in.

Look at a ray of sunshine in your house. 80% of what you see floating in that ray is dead skin from people who have been in the house.

Nature cleans air this way: The sun gives off electrical charges, changing some positive particles in the air to a negative charge. These negative particles attach themselves to a positive particle and they join becoming too heavy to stay airborne. As nature's most powerful oxidizing agent, ozone reduces the contaminants to harmless natural substances.

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