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Solar Electric Power For You

On sunny days, the sun shines around 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet's surface.

If you could collect that solar energy and store it in a battery system, you could easily power your home and office for free. Photovoltics - collecting the sun's energy for free, renewable electric power.

Take for example, a small solar power system (under $300) consisting of:

  • a 8" x 24" solar panel (about $100) available from RV and boating sites
  • a 12 volt deep cycle battery ($50-60)
  • a battery box ($10)
  • a 12 volt DC meter. (Radio Shack $25)
  • a triple DC input at an auto parts store for $10
  • for AC appliances you need an inverter. A 115v - 140 watt* inverter from Pep Boys is about $50. *Count up the watts you need for your appliances (TV/62 watts +  VCR/25 watts = 87 watts). More powerful inverters are available on the internet.
This solar power system can provide enough electrical power for your DC radio, laptop computer, cell phone charger, computer modem, DVD player, TV, camera or lights, in your greenhouse, in your motorhome, anywhere.

On the other hand, a complete off-the-grid home system with a large array of solar panels might cost $10,000-$30,000 or more depending on your electrical usage. As with anything else, the sky's the limit.

Solar Electric Power Association  Solar Electric Power Association is a network of over 150 companies, including 65 utilities, that are sharing experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned about solar power.

Expand your understanding about solar electric power and how it can be used by electric utilities and their customers.

Depending on how much solar power you generate, you might even be able to sell some back to the utility company for a profit. A cleaner and greener way of thinking.


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