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Juliana Lean-To greenhouses are an excellent option for extending your growing season or year-round use. These greenhouses are designed to easily attach to your home, garage, or shed.

Juliana greenhouses are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Northern Europe. They are constructed with engineered aluminum and twin wall polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is the most advanced insulating panel ever developed for use in greenhouses.

The double-walled structure gives it greater strength (virtually unbreakable against baseballs, rocks, and hail) and superior insulating values with the air space built into the product.

Twin wall polycarbonate also provides your greenhouse with an even diffused light which is optimal for growing plants.
All Juliana greenhouses include ventilation windows in the top of the structure which eliminates the need for powered exhaust fans in most areas. The most effective way to vent your greenhouse is by letting hot air naturally rise out of the top.

Juliana greenhouses come in several styles to match your gardening needs.