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What's Wrong With Bread?

The miller takes the living grain of wheat and removes the outer shell called the bran (fiber) and either throws it away or sells it to health food stores.

Then he removes the wheat germ (which contains all the nutrients) because it gums up his machinery and again sells it to health food stores. Then he takes what is left called the endosperm and grinds it into a fine powder. But this powder is not white so he bleaches it, often using a bleaching agent similar to Clorox.

Now the flour is ready for the ingredients (poisons like sugar, salt, dough conditioners and preservatives) and baking... but it contains zero fiber and zero nutrients. 

Knowing the majority of the public will not buy a product that does not have at least some nutritive value posted on the wrapper, the bread maker puts into this dead, fiber-less, nutritionally void substance, some artificial, coal tar derived vitamins and minerals which have been known to cause cancer. Now he can label it "enriched" and pass it on to the unsuspecting public as something that is supposed to be good food.

White flour is used in schools to make paste, which is just what it does in our digestive tract, causing constipation.

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